Alum Matt Saincome Helms SF Weekly Music Blog

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
SF WEEKLY -- I’ve also been writing for All Shook Down for quite some time — often contributing pieces to the great Ian Port and then later to the unstoppable Emma Silvers. But I’m excited to get my name out of the liner notes and into the artist column of your iTunes library with this new position. I’ve been involved in Bay Area music in one way or another my entire life. I grew up in the East Bay, where my father’s massive jazz record collection helped balance out all the weekends I spent going hard in the pit to Monster Squad at 924 Gilman Street. I spent my collegiate years at San Francisco State, where I fronted a hardcore band called Zero Progress and ran the music section of our campus paper. Recently I’ve been writing for VICE’s music blog, Noisey. Did you see that post they had with the guy getting choked out by Sargeant Slaughter? That was me. I also spoke at length with the Bay’s own Lars Frederiksen and wrote about the new Desktop Record Cutter.