Professor Brandes Discovers Passion for Classical Music as a Soprano

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Photo of Christine Brandes

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Assistant Professor of Music Christine Brandes’ pursuit for a career in classical music started in a small church in rural Ohio where she was raised but has led to her perform at the nation’s most renowned orchestras and symphonies.

The tick of the clock pierced the vocal studio in the Creative Arts Building as Brandes tried to decide on the luckiest moment of her life — the first time she performed at the Berlin Philharmonic or the first time a song was composed with her mind.

Throughout her career, Brandes has performed with all of the Big Five Orchestras in the U.S. and in February she released a CD titled Of Color Braided All Desire.

“I’ve never in my wildest dreams thought I would do half of what I’ve done which is kind of an amazing thing to say,” Brandes said. “I’ve really loved the variety of work that I’ve done because it’s allowed me to be in contact with all kinds of musicians and doing all kinds of repertoire.”


Photo: Alexander Vasiljev