Professor Monshipouri Discusses Israel-Palestine Conflict

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- International Relations Professor Mahmood Monshipouri said that it would take an entire course to understand the complexities of the Israel and Palestine conflict. Monshipouri described the conflict as a dispute over land in Israel, West Bank and Gaza. “The U.S. foreign policy all along has been to create two states,” Monshipouri said. “One state called Palestine, the other state called Israel. Israeli’s politicians, like (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu, they talked of two state solutions, but they do not walk the walk up to this day.” According to Monshipouri, the Jewish people in Israel declared independence from the state of Palestine in 1948 despite a U.N. commission that recommended the two separate states of Israel and Palestine. Monshipouri said that although a lot of youth in Europe and the United States sympathize with Palestinians, he is not very optimistic about the future of Palestine.