Alum Jill Tomasetti on Standing Still in the Middle of It All, Creating a Resource

Thursday, April 23, 2015

SF WEEKLY -- Jill Tomasetti learned to walk among oaks and maples in a small town in Connecticut. She learned how to love books at Bennington College and how to make poems in the graduate Creative Writing program at San Francisco State University.

She learned to love the ocean in San Francisco, where she lives, writes and teaches preschool. Jill is a founding member of Drop Leaf Press. “Prima Vera” is her first book.

“Teaching is wonderful though because I am creating opportunities for those expansive moments to occur for my students within the structure of a 35-minute lesson or a 20-minute story time,” she says. “It’s what I try to do and what I love about poems too. It’s my favorite struggle. The legwork of getting things moving and then getting so caught up that you just stand still in the middle of it all.”