In Student Nick Pourfard's Garage, the Most Beautiful Guitars are Made

Friday, May 08, 2015
7 X 7 MAGAZINE -- It wasn’t quite an accident; it wasn’t quite on purpose, either. At least that’s the way Nick Pourfard explains how he was able to achieve the strikingly unique colors in the electrical guitars he designs for his business, Prisma Guitars. But unique isn’t quite accurate in describing Pourfard’s guitars, either. Saying they're like snowflakes or fingerprints — never one the same — would do them more justice. The secret? They are made from recycled skateboards. “Just being a skater, you know that the colors [of a skateboard] go all the way through,” he says. “I figured, what if I could just totally make a normal guitar, shape-wise and sound-wise?” Pourfard, 23, has been making guitars for close to four years now, though he started his business just one year ago, while balancing his studies at San Francisco State University.