Oakland A's Scoreboard Operator Mentored Alum Seth Worden

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- “Most of his students would take a bullet for him, I’m sure of it,” says Diablo resident Seth Worden, a 1986 Monte Vista grad who does sound and video work for the recital. “He just engenders that kind of loyalty. He was a singularly amazing teacher, in my opinion, and his students just love him.” Worden, who went on to study broadcasting at San Francisco State University, says Farrow was a “very inspirational teacher.” “In high school, I was kind of one of those lonely nerds who didn’t really have anything to gravitate to,” Worden says. “I wasn’t really geeky enough to be in computer club or anything like that, but I did have a love of electronics and a huge love for radio. Chester sort of took me under his wing. His class was one of the few classes that I felt at home in.”