Alum Ivy Young is Founder of Santa Cruz Community Compost Company

Friday, May 29, 2015
SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL -- Materials are composted at four local farms including the Homeless Garden Project and Ivy Lane Farm in Live Oak. The company’s owner, 32-year-old Ivy Young, does most of the routes and manages the compost piles herself, though she has recently taken on two part-time employees who help with routes and customer relations. As the service expands, she is on the lookout for additional farms and gardens to host piles in exchange for free fertility. With the slogan “less garbage, more gardens,” the company is bringing the farm-to-table movement full circle by connecting table to farm, too. Young studied music at San Francisco State and moved to Santa Cruz two years ago to be closer to family and to give her son a chance to grow up closer to nature. Frustrated by the lack of composting options in Santa Cruz and inspired by an Austin, Texas, company called the East Side Compost Pedallers, she soon launched the Santa Cruz Community Compost Company.