Lecturer Niccolo Caldararo Discusses Roots of 'Dixie'

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL -- “One cannot talk of “Dixie” without a discussion of slavery and the Civil War, racism and white supremacy. It is time to stop listening to efforts to glorify slavery, plantations and the “Southern Cause.” There is no romantic South except for the 5 percent of the most wealthy Southern whites, whose main tool was racism. “It is time for people to see the suffering, exploitation and misery defended by Confederacy for what it was and abandon it. Dixie deserves no honor and no schools named after it and the South can no longer afford Dixie.” Niccolo Caldararo of Fairfax is a lecturer on Anthropology at San Francisco State University. The former Fairfax Town Council member is an expert in artifact conservation.