New Conductor Brad Hogarth Causes Fanfare in School of Music

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- With a trumpet and conductor’s baton in hand, musician Brad Hogarth’s ambition has sent him across continents on every face of the globe to share his craft. Throughout his career, he has been invited to teach and perform classical music in more than a dozen countries. His most recent professional endeavor brought him to SF State as the School of Music’s newest assistant professor of conducting and wind ensemble. “One aspect of my personality that drives me to do the things I do is having zero shame when it comes to embracing new experiences,” Hogarth said. “It’s okay to be uncomfortable in order to approach opportunities.” Dee Spencer, chair of the School of Music and Dance, said she believes Hogarth’s familiarity and engagement with the Bay Area scene equips him with consciousness of the University’s varied student population. “With his fingers on the pulse of the music scene, there’s no learning curve,” Spencer said.