Professor McDaniel: Chinese Media Crucial in San Francisco Board of Supervisors Race

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- The challenge for candidates Aaron Peskin and Julie Christensen is to siphon as much of the remaining Chinese vote as they can in District Three, which is comprised of northeastern neighborhoods, including North Beach, Nob Hill and Chinatown. In 2013, also an off-year election, 28 percent of voters in the district were Asian, according to Political Data Inc., which analyzes voting data for campaigns. “When you have got two white candidates running in a largely Asian community, the Chinese-language media effect is incredibly important,” said Jason McDaniel, assistant professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University. “In historically ethnic enclaves, native language media has a huge effect in the way in which voters in those communities get their information,” he said. “Not only the kind of information they get, but they tend to trust those media sources more than they would others.”