Professor Egan Takes Family on Historic Visit to See Ancestor's Inscription on Angel Island

Wednesday, September 09, 2015
NICHI BEI WEEKLY -- On August 7, a group of 16 descendants of Masaru Miyamoto gathered on Angel Island with San Francisco State University Professor Charles Egan to see the inscription in person. Members of the Hokoda family were joined by Angel Island State Park interpreters Casey Dexter-Lee and Ben Fenkell for this historic occasion. Egan noted that it is the oldest dated inscription within the Angel Island barracks, and as far as he knows, this is the first time that descendants of the inscriber have seen his work in person. Miyamoto’s descendants gathered in Tiburon for the family’s biannual reunion, traveling from as far away as Seattle and San Diego. They included his grandchildren and great grandchildren, and made a special visit to Angel Island. Egan noted that Miyamoto’s inscription was written in the 45th year of the Meiji period, or 1912, and used ship records to note that he was on the island in June of that year.