Alum Meghan Dubitsky's Project Revelation' Delves into Post-apocalypse

Friday, September 18, 2015
SF BAY -- Dubitsky — a graduate of San Francisco State University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism — told SFBay she is very excited for the series premiere since it is the first project she’s done that people other than her friends are excited to see. She also said it was very surreal seeing her ideas come to life during filming since she’s always considered herself a print writer. “As a journalist, we don’t intend to be on camera. Any story that you’re writing as a journalist has already happened — it’s something that you don’t create,” she says. “But doing it this way, you have such a clear picture in your head. The first day we filmed — and seeing these scenes come to life — it was really crazy and it was really interesting to see how the vision in your head changes to what comes out on screen.”