KSFS Embraces the Chaos of New Semester

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The walls of the KSFS radio station at SF State are covered with graffiti, a long-standing tradition carried on by students looking to make their mark. A large sign showcasing their slogan, “Embrace the chaos,” is tacked onto the wall. It is a sentiment that Jeff Jacoby, adviser and associate professor, said he proudly upholds. In the other room, Tim Blair, operations manager of KSFS and broadcast and electronic communication arts major, sat behind the soundboard with his cohost, eager to begin their show “T-Time.” With headphones strapped on and microphones raised to their lips, they dim the lights to, as Blair describes it, “turn our eyes off and our ears on.” Jacoby said that he prefers free-form college radio, in which the professors don’t tell the students what to do on air. “We challenge them, we demand excellence, we require audience awareness, we encourage quality programming and we want them to make very good radio,” Jacoby said.