Alum CJ Hunt's Book Provides Solution to Obesity Epidemic

Thursday, October 01, 2015
EIN NEWS -- Drawing from the knowledge of the world’s foremost experts on evolutionary anthropology, Hunt reveals the previously unknowable dietary discoveries of optimal human nutrition and puts them in layman’s terms for easy reading and understanding. Complete with grocery lists and recipe guides, “The Perfect Human Diet: The Simple Doctor-Proven Solution for the Health and Life You Deserve” makes healthy living and eating easy to implement. Hunt is the writer, producer and host of the breakout film hit “The Perfect Human Diet,” named No. 1 independent film, No. 1 documentary film, Top 10 Movie iTunes USA/Canada and No. 1 Amazon VOD in January 2013. The film evolved from his life story, beginning in 1978 when paramedics brought Hunt back to life at age 24 after a full cardiac arrest. This shocking experience evoked an intense passion to discover how we can all achieve the health and the life we deserve. He graduated summa cum-laude in Radio and Television from SF State in 2007.