Alum David Tart Inspired by Pixar

Thursday, October 01, 2015
DURANGO TELEGRAPH -- With industry-standard software, students learn traditional animation methods before moving on to more specialized animation like cut-out, stop motion and pixelation. It was a lesson he learned from Pixar co-founder John Lasseter while he was still a student at San Francisco State University. “He said ‘study traditional animation, acting and comedy,’” Tart recalled of his soon-to-be mentor. “Everyone else was talking about writing code and other tech stuff, but I bought into his idea and I started studying traditional art and animation. And that worked out very well — a year after I graduated, I was working at Pixar.” That was a life-changing job, to say the least. Tart was an animator on such modern classics as “Toy Story,” “Toy Story 2,” “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters, Inc.” That doesn’t mean that every scene you see is Tart’s work; just like the old days, modern animation is a team effort, with many different animators working on each film.