Professor Soh's Research on Korean Comfort Women Cited Among Political Controversy

Thursday, October 08, 2015
THE LIBERTY WEB -- According to the book, “The Comfort Women” written by Professor C. Sarah Soh of San Francisco State University, Lee Young-soon, a former Korean comfort woman, and her friends said that a Korean prostitution broker had recruited the comfort women. Lee Young-soon explained how she was pleased to receive a red dress and a pair of leather shoes from the Korean recruiter. Yet, she testified in front of a U.N. interrogator that she was abducted by the Japanese military. She also testified in front of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs in 2007, putting on a performance of crying and screaming for over an hour. Lee Young-Soo, who has a history of making false statements, is here today to make a speech. We have to stop this chain of fabrications and lies now.