'Stop Kiss' at SF State Sends Message That Love Triumphs

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
BROADWAY WORLD SAN FRANCISCO -- Live, laugh, love: my favorite motto for life, and a saying that couldn't be any more perfect to describe the play “Stop Kiss.” San Francisco State University’s first production of the fall, written by Diana Son and directed by Roy Conboy, exemplifies those three words through a story of two women enduring friendship, heartache and love. “Stop Kiss” previewed October 8 to eruptions of laughter, showcasing the comedic skills of the main characters Callie, Sara and George. One of the main scene locations occurs in Callie’s living room, and the various comings and goings of the three and their interactions are reminiscent of a “Seinfeld” episode. Like the main characters in the TV show chatting about seemingly-random topics, Callie and Sara’s frequent conversations occurring around Callie’s couch may seem to revolve around nothing, until a witty punchline comes that incites an agreeable laughter from the audience and fondness for the characters.