Professor McDaniel Discusses San Francisco Sheriff's Race

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- “When your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, just put your head down and don’t say a thing,” said Jason McDaniel, a Political Science professor at San Francisco State. “[Vicki Hennessy] doesn’t have to do much in this election to win. She doesn’t need to be incredibly vocal to highlight the differences and problems with Ross Mirkarimi. He’s done a pretty good job at that himself.” Mirkarimi’s scandals may deter even the steadfast progressive base that has always supported him, said McDaniel, the SF State professor. He pointed to the struggle of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club to make an endorsement for the sheriff’s race as an example. The club originally refused to endorse anyone in the race, reportedly for fear of associating Mirkarimi’s woes with the other progressive candidate running for office, former Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who is seeking to return to the board. After much debate, the club ultimately decided to endorse Mirkarimi.