Lecturer David Gill Discusses Television Series Based on Philip K. Dick Novel

Monday, November 30, 2015
Photo of Philip K. Dick android

SALON -- The New York Times wrote, “In The Man in the High Castle, the unsettling, if uneven, alternative-history thriller whose 10-episode first season begins Friday on Amazon Prime, fascism has not simply conquered America. It has insinuated itself, with disturbing ease, into America’s DNA.”

But what’s the relationship of the television series to the novel and to Dick’s complex and contradictory worldview? Salon spoke to David Gill, who teaches literature at San Francisco State University, runs the obsessive and informed Total Dick-Head blog and who organized a 2012 conference devoted to the author. He’s also the author of a new collection of science-fiction stories.

“My impression is that it looks spectacular — the way Dick felt when he watched Blade Runner. If he could watch these scenes he’d say, ‘How did you get into my mind and see what I saw?’ It looks the way we picture it. And that’s almost enough. But the focus of it seems off to me.”

Photo: An android figure of Philip K. Dick. Photo by Rasmus Lerdorf.