School of Music: The Creative Heartbeat of the Country

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Photo of Creative World quartet performance

Ready to develop your musical talents in a versatile program? A new video shows what students can expect when they study Music in SF State’s long-established, diverse program with affordable tuition.

“It’s the creative heartbeat of the country. San Francisco State’s School of Music is an amazing place,” says Dee Spencer, professor and chair.

Professor Hafez Modirzadeh, a saxophonist who runs the creative and world music program, enjoys performing with students.

“I will often play with my ensembles, and become part of that student atmosphere and bring my experience to the table,” Modirzadeh says. “There's a lot of respect that has to happen for the creative process to yield its results.”

Spencer is impressed by the results, particularly as students begin to flourish the growth she sees in students.

“They amazingly achieve a wide and a very high level of excellence by the time they’re finished here with their degree,” she says. “And many go on to have very distinguished careers. I see them throughout the Bay Area and beyond with their musical careers. It’s very, very exciting and encouraging.”

Video produced by the Documentary Film Institute.




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