San Francisco Band Paisano, Comprised of Alumni, Blends Genres in New EP

Thursday, December 17, 2015
SF WEEKLY -- This San Francisco-based group was formed in late 2013 by roommates Julian Borrego (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Yoel Bibas (drums, vocals) while studying Music at SF State. Originally just a living room jam session project, they quickly became cognizant of the music they were creating and, eventually, brought in bassist Luis Mayorga. “When We Get There It Will Still Be Now” offers tracks across the board in terms of the music's genres. There are moments of contemporary chill wave music, fast paced indie rock, acoustic guitar ballads and even a hip-hop featured track. “The purpose of this EP was to show we’re versatile," says Mayorga. And they’ve certainly showed that through their instrumental tracks, like “Bottles,” which is essentially a construction of various guitar riffs, drums and percussion created by actual bottles.