Chekhov's 'Seagull' Takes Flight in SF State's Little Theatre

Friday, March 04, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Senior theatre arts major Aaron Moses plays Yevgeny Dorn, an obstetrician and a close friend of the family whom the play follows. “The show is about love, art and the subtle events and experiences that can affect, change, ruin, save and overall change one’s life,” Moses said. According to Peters, theatre students auditioned for the production last fall and continued to rehearse throughout winter break in order to prepare for the show’s premiere. “Chekhov isn’t easy to rehearse — his work doesn’t break down easily into small scenes,” Peters said. “You’re pretty (much) rehearsing a society; (there are) a lot of people on stage at the same time, and they all have to be their own individual, each with their own traits and personality.”