'El Son de la Mision' with Faculty Members Carlos Baron, John Calloway Celebrates Neighborhood History

Monday, March 21, 2016
MISSION LOCAL -- While its musical styles reflect the changing musical landscape of the neighborhood, “El Son” is an exercise in live historical preservation, taking its cues from musicians and teachers who have honed their craft in the Mission for years – among them John Calloway, an educator in local schools and San Francisco State University who grew up with Afro Cuban and salsa music, and Carlos Barón, a professor at the same university and the man behind the Mission-style nativity show La Posarela. “The Mission district has a rich and compelling history of arts and cultural activism,” wrote Christopher Borg, the center’s executive director, in a statement. “Today, the Mission District is at a critical juncture, with rapid change happening all around us. Preserving neighborhood history and the cultures which make our district so rich is vital.”