Professor McDaniel Comments on Racial Views of Young Liberals

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
MIC -- One might think that millennials, in light of their supposed racial enlightenment, would dismiss arguments blaming racialized disparities on a lack of moxie on the part of people of color. But Jason McDaniel, an assistant professor of political science at San Francisco State University, analyzed variables in the 2012 American National Election Studies survey related to stereotyping ("Black people are lazy") and color-blind racism (called "racial resentment"). He concluded that the link between age and racist tendencies isn't as direct as many assume. "Contrary to the conventional wisdom that older people are more likely to express racist attitudes, once we control for important demographic and political factors, such as partisanship and ideology, age is not a significant predictor of racist attitudes," he said. "With one exception: as age increases, an individual is less likely to say that blacks should just try harder to get ahead."