Art Faculty Profile: Victor De La Rosa

Monday, April 25, 2016
Photo of a public installation of Victor De La Rosa's Future Flags of America textile piece

Victor De La Rosa, associate professor of Art, is the latest subject in a series of video profiles featuring faculty discussing their passions for teaching and research. He discusses his work as a “documentarian, but working from an artist point of view.”

“I explore what is happening in the air, what’s happening in politics, what’s happening in demographics, what’s happening in people’s lives,” De La Rosa (B.A., Art, ’99) says in the video.

De La Rosa’s specialty and studio practice centers on computer-interfaced technology utilizing jacquard power looms, digital fabric printers and laser cutters. He works across a variety of media and has exhibited internationally. Much of his recent work tells the stories of residents, merchants and visitors of San Francisco’s evolving Mission District.

In the video, he explains how he helps prepare students for life after graduation.

“Get a sense for research, mining the world for original, fresh material so that they could create,” he says. “But I help them develop ways of creating beyond school, which is really important. They’re going to be working at places that are going to be hiring them for their generation of ideas, for them to be able to create something that we have never seen, which is the ultimate goal for a designer or an artist.”

Hannah Anderson directed the video. The College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Communication Team produced it.



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