Award Show Celebrates BECA Students at SF State

Monday, May 23, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “But I think the best thing is yet to come,” Datanagan said. ”There is a moment before every show that I really like. It is when your heart starts going, and you can feel the moment coming, and you just know it is showtime, and I gotta make this or break this. That is the kind of moment I live for.” Jacoby noted that he is looking the most forward to the moment before the show is about to go on air, where he retreats to the control room, opens a bottle of wine and just enjoys the show. ”My heart grows exponentially every time a student wins. And that is my favorite moment,” Jacoby said. ”For the students, winning the Becky is as exciting and as moving as winning an Emmy. And they are thrilled by it!”