Alum Kristi Marinelly Loves Los Lobos

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
SAN LUIS OBISPO TRIBUNE -- After I graduated, I went to Cal Poly for a few years and then transferred to San Francisco State, majoring in Art. When I was done with college, I did what many 20-something California artists did at that time — I moved to downtown Los Angeles. Back then, artists were moving into old L.A. warehouses and converting them into studio/living spaces. It proved to be a pivotal time in my life. The L.A. Street Scene, as it was called, turned out to be quite a show. The music ran the gamut from Poison, those big-hair ’80s heavy metal goofs, to the queen of ’70s pop, Helen Reddy (I am woman, hear me snore). I saw both those shows, but I really didn’t like either of them. In ’81 or ’82, the L.A. Street Scene was the first place I saw Los Lobos perform live. My life would be forever changed.