Professor Funabiki's Renaissance Journalism Center Funds Equity-Focused Education Coverage

Friday, June 24, 2016
WASHINGTON MONTHLY -- According to the Renaissance Journalism Twitter bio, the SF-based umbrella organization specializes in “bold, new approaches to news and storytelling, reimagining the media as a vital source of engagement and empowerment for all communities.” The Equity Reporting Project was one of the biggest things the project had ever taken on. Funded with $250,000 from Ford in late 2014, the Equity Reporting Project received another $100,000 to complete the first round of work, according to Funabiki, who works at San Francisco State University. Over the past two years, there have been three cohorts of journalists: West Coast, Midwest and East Coast. A few have dropped out, due to illness, other job responsibilities or being laid off. Fellows generally received $2500. The project included events in San Francisco, Detroit and New York City (twice). Pretty much everyone interviewed for this piece reported having a positive experience with the program.