Professor Tuman: Ivanka Trump Key to Softening Dad's Image

Thursday, July 21, 2016
BOSTON HERALD -- The pressure on Trump’s adult children — Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany, all given speaking slots at the convention — is even higher now after the plagiarism controversy surrounding his wife, Melania Trump’s, speech Monday night. And that pressure sits heaviest on the shoulders of eldest daughter Ivanka, who is scheduled to 
introduce her father with a prime-time address tomorrow. “Ivanka, I think, is Trump’s best asset,” said Joe Tuman, a political commentator and Communication Studies professor at San Francisco State University. “If there is anybody in that group, including Melania, that can help advance Donald Trump’s candidacy, it’s her.” Tuman said although few people tend to pay much 
attention to speeches by family members, the flap over Melania Trump’s speech places a brighter spotlight than usual on Trump’s children this week. “The stakes are higher for all of them,” Tuman said, “and they will have to step up and deliver.”