The Man Nehind the Bike: Alum/Industrial designer Brian Szykowny

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
CYCLING TIPS -- For the next Red Hook stop in Barcelona, Spain, specialized industrial designer Brian Szykowny delved a little deeper toward the brighter end of the spectrum with a graphic that may appear somewhat random at first glance, but is actually a mix of camouflage patterns. “I’ve always wanted to do a camo pattern, and this is based on a couple of different camo patterns,” Szykowny told CyclingTips. “One is based on the M90 camo, which is used in Germany and a lot of other European countries. The stripey bit is based on a camo called Rain Streaks, which is an older, vintage camo. And the blotchy parts are loosely based on another German camo that I think is called Plain Trees 3. It’s a camo mash-up. Szykowny earned his degree at San Francisco State University, and supplemented that with additional study at the Academy of Art University. As is the case with so many people in the bicycle industry, Szykowny first got his feet wet in a local shop.