Alum Lance Ohnmeiss Takes the Slow Road Home

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
MOUNTAIN HOME MAGAZINE -- It’s a sight that hasn’t been seen on the streets of Williamsport in more than 50 years, and yet it’s somehow instantly recognizable. Pulled by two beautiful Percheron draft horses, the stately and somber elegance of the carriage draws the viewer into one of the universal dramas of life, and of death. For Lance Ohnmeiss, it’s been a long road back home, and a perfect melding of his experiences, talents, and love of the land with which he has brought a horse drawn hearse back into the Charles M. Noll Funeral Home in South Williamsport. Lance had been in San Francisco for 15 years, long gone from the little towns of Pennsylvania. He trained at San Francisco State University as a music teacher, worked training and exercising horses in California, and met the love of his life, Francis.