'J.K. Rowling of the Chinese Speaking World' visits SF State

Thursday, October 27, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Winnie Lee, 36, is originally from Taiwan and collects his books. She heard about the event on the news but wasn’t able to secure her ticket to the reading before it sold out. “I saw that he was coming about two weeks ago, and I recognized his name from when I was living in Taiwan,” Lee said. “We came even though we couldn’t get tickets because we saw that there would be a wait list. I love his books, I don’t think they are just for kids, I think even adults can enjoy them. There’s even a park in Northeast Taiwan that is modeled after Jimi’s illustrations.” Associate Professor of Chinese and Associate Director of the SF State Chinese Flagship Program Frederik Green has wanted to bring Liao to SF State since he met him about a year ago. Due to his popularity in the Chinese-speaking world, Green describes Liao as the Chinese J.K Rowling. “It is very exciting to have him here in San Francisco,” Green said.