Peabody Trio Has a Rare Homecoming, at SF State's Morrison Artists Series

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Bay Area audiences haven’t had a chance to hear the Peabody Trio in concert on a regular basis in a very long time. But we still have a proprietary claim on this excellent ensemble, which formed here in the 1980s before relocating to Baltimore and the eminent conservatory from which the group took its name. Both as individual artists and in the depth of their close-knit collaboration, violinist Violaine Melançon, cellist Natasha Brofsky and pianist Seth Knopp offer a keenly invigorating take on even the most familiar repertoire. Their program during a free recital at San Francisco State University on Sunday, December 4, is devoted to music by Beethoven, Ives and Dvorák.