Photographs by Student Joel Angel Suarez on Display in New Exhibit

Monday, December 05, 2016
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Ann Marie Sayers was one of the first guest speakers at the show’s opening reception last month. In a spirited demeanor she told attendees to take a careful look at all the photographs. “This is an amazing gallery that was put together,” Sayers said. “Every photographer who had their work displayed here is amazing. Every picture says something to you. This one right here, number 17 – I literally can feel the tear come down my eye just looking at that picture.” The photograph Sayers pointed out was of a black woman named Angela Naggie who was the mother of O’Shaine Evans, an unarmed 26-year-old man who was shot by a San Francisco police officer. In the photograph, Naggie has a teardrop in her eye and looks dazed. The photograph was one of a series taken by Joel Angel Suarez, a student in SF State’s Journalism Department.