Fin-tastic Film Franchise: Alum Anthony Ferrante Directs 'Sharknado' Franchise

Friday, December 16, 2016
SF STATE MAGAZINE -- “San Francisco State filled in the gaps with things I wouldn’t have been introduced to, like foreign and art house films,” says the Antioch native, who first took film classes at Los Medanos Community College. “I came in narrowly interested in genre [filmmaking]. State gave me film theory and opened my eyes.” Ferrante wrote his first full-length script while attending SF State and learned "practical things," like how to put together a cast and crew. As a student he also found the freedom and flexibility to travel frequently to Los Angeles (where he now lives with his wife and daughter), reporting from film sets for horror fan magazine Fangoria. “Unlike studio movies, the low-budget ones just let you hang out,” he says, adding that spending time on set exposed him to all aspects of filmmaking — makeup, costumes, special effects — so that when he got his own low-budget opportunity, he’d be ready for anything.