Trump Order Affects Iranian Artist's SF State Show Critical of his Image

Thursday, February 02, 2017
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Some of Sanaz Mazinani’s work is critical of Trump, which might complicate matters, she said. “There is still a possibility my brother may be able to travel to the U.S.,” Mazinani said. “Much depends on the interpretation of the executive order, and its practical application in his specific case.” Mazinani added that Trump’s restrictions, “while agnostic of the content of my exhibition, does have a direct impact on the mobility and business activities of many foreigners, and in this case an indirect effect on how free my speech can be.” Mani Mazinani was to have collaborated with his sister, who lives in San Francisco, on two shows: one at SF State (“Mashrabiya: The Art of Looking Back,” February 18 – March 16), and the other at SF Camerawork. Her installations will still be displayed, regardless of whether her brother can collaborate on them. “Trump on TV, 2016,” one of Mazinani’s pieces to be displayed at SF State, is an alluring and complex mosaic, Eastern in style, that on close examination reveals itself to be many kaleidoscopic — and unsettling — images of Trump and the media.