Chinese New Year 2017 brings SF State Asian Community Together

Monday, February 06, 2017
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Wei Dou, an international graduate student from China, said the decorations at Jack Adams hall made her feel as if she were celebrating the Chinese New Year in China. Mia Segura, the program coordinator of the Chinese Flagship Program, has been working for the program for nearly five years. Segura, having studied abroad in Taiwan where Chinese New Year is celebrated, explained that the event would not be a typical Chinese New Year celebration since it attempts to help students learn about Chinese language and culture by performing traditional music. “This is very American, because having celebrated Chinese New Year with Chinese family in China, I would say typically Chinese New Year is about spending time with your family and spending time with your loved one,” Segura said. Dou has been at SF State for over a year and now lives with others who are also from China. “I just had Chinese New Year dinner with my roommates and housemates,” Dou said. “Chinese New Year is about spending time with family and getting together, so it makes me miss my family back in China.”