Alum Kim Hume is Fox News Channel's Former Washington, D.C., Bureau Chief

Friday, March 10, 2017
BOCA BEACON (BOCA GRANDE, FLORIDA) -- Hume worked at the local CBS station in San Francisco while studying communications and earning her degree from San Francisco State University. At that time, entry-level news positions in a television newsroom, called desk assistants, were almost all fill by males. It was the 1970s, so Kim’s was the first generation to see a significant change in the hiring of females for those kinds of positions. “Suddenly people were more aware of the women’s movement, and they started hiring a mix of males and females to fill those positions,” she said. Close to 30 years later, Kim was running her own network news bureau. “At the last point of my career at Fox, all five major news networks were led by female bureau chiefs. We had all worked our way up to the top. It was very interesting to see it grow from almost no women in the industry to five powerful female leaders.”