SF State's Golden Gate Xpress Launches 'Fake News Watch'

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
COLLEGE MEDIA MATTERS -- Kaylee Fagan spent years putting off the newspaper class required of her at San Francisco State University. She knew she wanted to do something different that didn’t fit with the traditional print product, so she was hesitant to take a class that required her to work at the student newspaper. The Golden Gate Xpress video series is still new, but Fagan said she believes this topic is very important right now. “I took the election and the results very personally,” she said. “I felt like what we do in journalism school and what my professors do was at stake. This pursuit of accuracy and getting it right was in danger and threatened. [This is] my own form of resistance.” While the thoroughly researched show offers much for all audiences, Fagan said students are her primary audience. “Our main focus is with a younger audience in mind,” she said. “Younger college students who are interested in being media literate. [People who want to learn] how to look critically at the country and their own communities.”