LCA Next Stop: Anthropology

Wednesday, May 03, 2017
Photo of Devan Glensor in front of drawers filled with bones and artifacts

Devan Glensor’s graduate studies brought her to Drawsko, Poland, where she spent three weeks helping preserve and document ancient human remains that were found under the soil at a farm. Glensor represents the Anthropology Department in the sixth episode of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ video series, “Next Stop.”

Glensor received a scholarship to attend the Field School in Mortuary Archaeology Summer 2016 program in Drawsko, providing her with valuable field experience.

She says that networking and gaining practical experience are key for graduate students to achieve future career success.

“This isn’t just school anymore. This is your job,” she says. “How do you help yourself and your cohort get ahead in that career? Building that CV again is the most important thing.

“The second piece of advice, I would say, is don’t just think about classes,” Glensor adds. Internships, scholarships and volunteer work will “make you so much more appealing to a Ph.D. program or to a job site.”

LCA Next Stop

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Video directed, edited and shot by Hannah Anderson. Production assistant: Gospel Cruz. Produced by the College of Liberal & Creative Arts’ Communications Team.


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