Poetry Clips of the Week: Arcana Boil

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

These video clips are the part of a series highlighting recent readings held by SF State’s Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives. Visit this website regularly for fresh poetic content.

On March 16, The Poetry Center and Bird and Beckett Books and Records presented Arcana Boil, a concert and reading to celebrate the new special issue of Amerarcana: A Bird and Beckett Review. Tenor saxophonist David Boyce, soprano saxophonist Hafez Modirzadeh and drummer/percussionist Marshall Trammell performed. Poets Linda Norton, Brian Lucas, Rod Roland, Nicholas Whittington and Steve Dickison read at the event, held at Bird and Beckett Books and Records in San Francisco.

An excerpt from the improvised performance by Boyce, Modirzadeh and Trammell.


Rod Roland reads his poem “More Harps” (for David Meltzer).


Steve Dickison and Linda Norton read from Modirzadeh’s auto/audiobiographical writing 62/7, with Modirzadeh, Boyce and Trammell improvising.


Linda Norton reads her poem My Little Brown Book (for Fred Moten) while Modirzadeh, Boyce and Trammell improvise.


Nicholas Whittington reads from David Meltzer’s book Harps (Oyez, 1975), and Steve Dickison reads from Meltzer’s writings for Shuffle Boil (2002 – 2006), along with Modirzadeh, Boyce and Trammell improvising on Thelonious Monk’s Reflections.


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