Alumna Carson Beker's Play 'A Life on the Ocean Wave' Premieres at EXIT Theatre

Friday, May 26, 2017
BROADWAY WORLD (SAN FRANCISCO) -- Carson Beker (playwright/head writer) is a sailor-hearted writer and teller of tales. Her other full-length plays include “The Sorrows: Or Deirdre From The Legend Kills Herself In Every Version But That Doesn’t Mean You Always Have To” (in development through Custom Made’s Undiscovered Works Series 2016) and “Sunflower Suicide Moon” (Greenhouse Festival 2015). She co-founded The Escapery: A Writing Unschool with Nancy Au and has a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts in fiction and playwriting from San Francisco State University. His stories have appeared in Foglifter (Pushcart nomination 2016), Gigantic Sequins and Radar Literary Series.