Jacqueline Corona, Miguel Navarro Discuss Life as First-generation College Students

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- The New York Times asked five first-generation journalism students to interview other first-generation students at their colleges about the challenges they have faced.

Jacqueline Corona, 23, senior, Music and Latino/Latina studies major from El Monte.

Corona could also tell that her parents were worried about her moving hundreds of miles away.

“When I looked at the schools that accepted me, I looked at SF State and thought, ‘Wow, this is actually a possibility for me.’ So when I finally decided to go through with it, my parents thought I was crazy,” she said. “They couldn’t see how it’d be possible for me to do. I feel like their lack of a college experience really hindered their perspective and caused me to doubt my own decisions. Eventually they saw that this was something I was set on, and once they saw me actually thriving here, they began to relax.”