Professor Wagner Discusses Journalism Coverage of San Francisco's Bayview

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

PBS NEWSHOUR -- The Bayview neighborhood has a rich history in San Francisco, known in particular for its naval development ahead of World War II, which drew black, working-class builders during the Great Migration. As San Francisco grew, Bayview stood out as the city’s predominantly black neighborhood — a ratio that has deflated in recent years as housing prices explode.

Like many black neighborhoods, its vitality is often eclipsed in mainstream news by reports of crime and deprivation.

As a result, “You don’t get the vibrancy, the role of the church, the activism that’s happening in that community, even just people who care about what’s going on,” said Venise Wagner, an associate professor of Journalism at San Francisco State University. “I have a lot of students or hear a lot of students talking about the Bayview and they have always been warned by their parents never to go there.”