International Relations Major Jacqueline Foley Discusses Student Housing Issues

Monday, July 31, 2017

ED SOURCE (OAKLAND) -- Jacqueline Foley, president of San Francisco State’s student government, had an on-campus room as a freshman athlete but has had a typically difficult time securing housing since then, she said. She paid as much as $1,200 for an off-campus room and at one point shared a room with three other women. After a long search, she landed a $750-a-month room in a shared house in Daly City for her upcoming senior year.

The lack of housing “is a huge issue” and one that causes many sophomores to transfer elsewhere, she said. While the international relations major is happy about Holloway Avenue plans, she said the land-strapped university should concentrate on building, buying or leasing buildings elsewhere in the city, even near downtown. “It’s something that’s critical if they want graduation rates to increase,” she said.