Alumna Ayana Yonesaka Returns to SF State for 'Expression in Constraint'

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “I am very emotionally Japanese; the events make me feel something. All of my choreography is emotionally-based and that comes out,” Ayana Yonesaka said. “Each dance is specifically inspired.”

The colorful wall hanging swayed as the dancers ran past. The soft sound of rain played while SF State alumna Yonesaka whirled across the stage close enough to touch.

Yonesaka waited a year for this moment on stage; her last performance of a showcase she not only danced in, but had the opportunity to choreograph as well.

She used her upbringing in Sapporo, Japan, for the three dances she choreographed to create Expression in Constraint: Movement and Color, which she performed from September 1 to 3, 2017. Each piece was inspired by a different facet of the culture.

Upon discovering SF State’s Dance program, she knew she wanted to attend the university. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance in 2013.

“SF was just this vibrant art city,” she said. “I loved it here. The department was amazing with really invested professors.”