Alum Yolanda Lopez Featured in 'Radical Women: Latin American Art' Exhibit

Thursday, September 28, 2017

DAZED -- Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960 – 1985, a new exhibition on view at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, is a major step toward setting the record straight with more than 260 works by 116 women artists on view through December 31.

Multimedia artist and activist Yolanda López was born in San Diego in 1942 and came of age during the 1960s at a time when the fight for Chicano rights was a major cause across California. As a third generational Mexican-American, this period was critical to her development as both an artist and a patriot.

“I did not become aware of our own history until 1968 when there was a call for a strike at San Francisco State, a strike for ethnic studies,” López told Shaping San Francisco in 2014, recalling her involvement in the famous student movement that shut down San Francisco State University. “I heard the men and women that led that Third World Strike speak and I understood at that point what my position was being part of this long legacy of the oppressed people, just like black people.”