Sandra Luft, SF State's Longest Serving Faculty Member, Retires

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- SF State student Ahmad M. Ahmad, in his third year studying communications and taking Luft’s class this semester, said she is a great teacher who is very straight-forward and patient with her students. He said he learned a lot from taking a course with her.

“I enjoy taking her class. … I learned from her to start using my critical thinking, and to describe the word’s and the sentence’s meanings more,” Ahmad said.

Other students, like computer science major and junior Nima Bullock, said that Professor Luft gives them the opportunity to take chances in the classroom, which he feels is a very unique opportunity.

“If I would describe Professor Luft in one word, I would say she is skeptical of everything, in a good way, in the idea that she doesn’t believe in one thing in particular. She is always open to our ideas and new ideas,” Bullock said.