What's Next in San Francisco Politics? Professor McDaniel Discusses

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
KQED (SAN FRANCISCO) -- “What happened with Ed Lee — the idea he was seen as compromise candidate, that he would not hurt anybody else’s electoral chances going forward — and then him running and winning, that makes it much less likely that the board will find a consensus candidate, a non-politician,” said San Francisco State Political Science Professor Jason McDaniel. “They are much less likely to approve an Ed Lee-type candidate now.” Not everyone thinks what the Board of Supervisors do — or don’t do — is inconsequential. Whether the board weighs in and throws its support to Acting Mayor London Breed, or gives her its tacit support by doing nothing, will send a message to the public, McDaniel said. “I would say that there is probably going to be pressure on the board to make a decision,” he said.