Professor Todorov's Aerial Images of Iceland's Glaciers Look Like Giant Works of Art

Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Aerial photo of glacial rivers in Iceland

YAHOO NEWS -- The 43-year-old, who’s also a Music professor at San Francisco State University, specializes in aerial photography and has won multiple awards.

“These Icelandic rivers are fascinating when seen from above,” Todorov said. “Silt flowing in glacial melt creates spectacular patterns; they look more like abstract art than actual rivers.

“Some of the images are of Iceland’s longest river: Thjorsa. It’s a glacial river, and its source is the Hofsjökull glacier.

“The colors and patterns are created by glacial melt flowing through volcanic silt.

“As an active pilot and aerial photographer, I have experienced incredible views. … If you want to be enchanted by nature’s abstract art, then your best bet is from above.”

>Photo by Jassen Todorov